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  • Successfull launch of Winshop 7 in Russia for Sephora 

    Based on Cegid retail solution Winshop 7, "Sephora" delivered a full new set of new Business feature to its Russian store network in November 2015. Sephora Russia called "Ile de Beauté" is running more than 140 stores over the 7 Russian regions. Digital Purple is in charge of the global project management, from Business Audit to the final Go live of the solution in the stores, going through solution configuration and integration with historical "Ile de Beauté" legacy systems.

    The full country should take advantage of the solution before the end of 2016.

  • Our company values are:

    • Efficiency
    • Simplicity
    • We are Customer centric & Service oriented

    Transverse communication between the IS and Operations teams is considered as a key success factor


    • Retail Pro (From Retail Pro International - USA)

      • Retail Pro 8
      • Retail Pro 9
      • Prism (coming 2013)



    •        Tax Refund & Payment integration

      • One Interface (from Global blue)
      • Premier Integrated (from Premier Tax Free)


    •        Gift Card

      • Prosodie (From Prosodie - FR)



    •        Complete & Modular offer (from Brand On Line Commerce - FR/US)








    ...Custom made is a luxury matter... but also a need to differenciate from competition...

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