Operation & System

Are your Information Systems people only pure technicians ?


Retailers are focusing on their business, starting from product design to stock and sales management. 

Their internal IS and IT teams, in charge of related required systems and infrastructures are facing tremendous challenges facing the new Business needs issued by the fast moving market.

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Entering the 21rst century, Business became border free !


Take avantage of International Retail experience to extend your business scope to the entire world ( and beyond !)

What are the legal requirements Retailers in Brazil, India, Singapore or China ? Your systems need to be localized...


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Beauty & Fashion

Personal belongings are part of the Personality ?


As a Fashion or Beauty retailer, you know that is doesn't matter, but you also know that this market is different in many ways. Your company is organized to this specific market and your teams need to have related specific skills and knowledge. Fashion and Jewellery are not like Books, Hardware or Electronics !

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  • Extensions

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